Today i begin my 8 week semester break from TAFE

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just to procrastinate things up

this evening i am preparing for my economic SAC tomorrow (well right now i’m on break with choc-chip cookies while on tumblr) going well so far - its only 7 ‘short’ answer questions to do but my teacher’s idea of ‘short’ answer is leaving a page and a half of line space to answer… that’s NOT short! I’m not stressing though economics is my most interesting subject as it involves current events/issues on Australian government which is good to know and relevant. It just means I should always be up to date in news before every class - i try to. 

wednesdays are always a killer - i always seem to be so tired after coming back from my multimedia course @ TAFE. It used to be fun (last year) but after the repetitive lessons on the program Flash and my mood disordered teacher who is friendly at first but when i ask for help on something he gets mad and makes you feel so awful that you wished you never asked! Which is why i suck on Flash.

But today i was excited to know we were to start on a new program. YES! Only to find out that the program is similar to Flash in the sense its still animation… ASS!…I’d rather work on still images and do illustrator tasks because i find it more fun to use and very useful. I use it at home to create random work - when i have the time and energy, which isn’t often. 

Well i feel like im complaining in this post too much - onto more happy things!! :)

Gorillaz tickets go on sale soon

my mate and i are going to be producing Pacman and ghost costumes for Athletics carnival at school - September. I’ll be sure to post pics when we get to it :)

I want to buy a NERF gun!! Next time im at a Target heheh

well i should be working on my economics right now  

that is all for now byee!

Back to school and i hate it there - I hate it there, everything i want i got wait a year - i wait a year

Holidays are officially over, class is in session!

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